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Ron Lewis

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"The People's CPA"

Welcome to my website, Ron Lewis CPA, offices located just north of Nashville, Tennessee. As a CPA, I am committed to serving my clients by providing the highest quality service, promptly and efficiently, and at a very reasonable fee. That is why I refer to myself as, "The People's CPA" - I work for the people.

Whatever your goals or needs are - from simple tax preparation to a reviewed financial statement or facing a problem with the IRS, I can help you. So, please give me a call for a free consultation and thank you for visiting my website.

*Stop IRS Levy & Seizure
*Release Of IRS Tax Lien
*Installment Agreements
*Offer In Compromise
*Settle Payroll Taxes
*Abate IRS Penalties
*Help With IRS Audit
Member Of
American Society Of Tax Problem Solvers
As a member of ASTSP, the
American Society of Tax Problem Solvers,
I will work diligently for you to solve your IRS tax problems.

Don't face the IRS alone!

What you don't know can hurt you!

The IRS has experts - So should you!

Do you realize that an IRS levy allows the IRS to garnish your wages, social security income, attach your bank account as well as any other income that you may receive in order to pay the back taxes that you owe?

The IRS can ruin every aspect of your life - Don't let that happen to you, fight back by contacting Ron. Your initial consultation is absolutely FREE!!!

Remember, the only sure thing about IRS problems is;
"They don't go away by themselves!"

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